WIZIQ upgrade to Premium

I have been playing around with a few Virtual Learning Environment (VLE’s) and have decided WIZIQ is the most simple to use.

It has limited features (no polls or breakout rooms), but I am looking for a tool that my students can use to deliver an online training session and it needs to be simple to use.

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So today I upgraded from the Free version to the Premium version which is $49.95 (US) per year. The premium version will allow me to record unlimited sessions.

This is an excellent price compared to many other VLE’s (Elluminate, Discovere, AdobeConnect & Wimba) and I found it to be easier to use than the other FREE products I tried (DimDim, Sclipo). Plus the service I have received from WIZIQ so far has been excellent.

Exploring Google Groups

Today I created a Google group to look at what features and tools were available for students to see if it might be a suitable workspace for students to collaborate on group tasks.

This is a private group – following info for my reference.

Group address: http://groups.google.com/group/man3655-2009

Group email: man3655-2009@googlegroups.com 


  • upload files
  • email
  • create pages
I need to explore further before I make a decision.
I also played around with Grouply – a tool for managing a number of groups (eg: Yahoo or Google groups). Now that I’ve created a google group I should be able to add it to my Grouply site.  Still exploring this.