A Constructivist Approach

Today I read Gina Minks blog post Learning about eLearning. Her questions

” what does a constructivist learning environment look like? What would a constructivist eLearning environment look like?” 

prompted me to write this post.

I am endeavouring to create a constructivist environment for the online course I am writing on Workplace Learning. Due to university constraints I am unable to create a “connectivist” learning environment. However the course structure is similar to the CCK08 course

Currently this is what the course looks like…

1/ Readings – required & optional

2/ Learning activities (optional)

  • PowerPoint Presentations (week 1 – 12): an extension on what is covered in the required text 
  • Audio recordings (Podcasts): of on-campus lectures
  • Blackboard quizzes (week 1 – 6): self-assessment of key terms mentioned in the textbook 
  • Elluminate live online meeting (week 1 – 6): Live case study – students co-construct a Learning Strategy. (week 7-12): Live case study – students co-construct a Learning Program

3/ Assessment tasks (required)

  • Assignment 1 – Part A: Discussion Forums & Personal Blog.  Part B: Deliver an online training session.
  • Assignment 2 – Develop a Learning Strategy for a particular workplace issue
  • Assignment 3 – Design & develop a Learning program (including a detailed session plan & resources for a specific topic) as outlined in the Learning Strategy
I am trying to provide a range of learning activities where the students can:
  • interact and share their knowledge and ideas (forums, live online meetings)
  • utilise their skills and knowledge to create examples of the required assessment tasks (live case studies)
  • connect with guest speakers currently working in different training environments (elluminate meetings)
  • reflect on the course readings, extended readings, content of elluminate meetings etc (personal blog)
Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!